The Journey Continues…

This post marks a turning point in my blog. Until now, I’ve been primarily focused on the past–examining my journey from bible-believing baptist to atheist–and on the doubts I had as well as the arguments I found unconvincing. Going forward, I want to focus on the present and the future. I’m really hoping to focus on three main things going forward.

  1. Evidence/Arguments for God
  2. Theism in the Western World
  3. Secular Humanism

That may seem like an odd list but let me expand a little bit on each of those.

Evidence/Arguments for God:
I am an atheist because I am not convinced by any of the evidence or arguments for the existence of a god that I have ever heard. I am not taking on the burden of proof and claiming that there is no god. That would be an equally extraordinary claim in that it would require perfect knowledge to prove the non-existence of a thing somewhere in the universe (or potentially, multi-verse). Instead, I want to remain intellectually honest and open to the possibility of being convinced, should sufficient evidence or argument ever be presented.

Theism in the Western World:
While theism isn’t the default in every Western country, it certainly is here in the United States (at least for now). When any group that believes something for which there is insufficient evidence, it’s cause for concern–even more so when those believers hold positions of power or influence over the lives of others. I will be writing more about things happening in politics, culture, or other arenas where theism is detrimental. To be clear, I don’t think every believer is a bad person simply because they believe. However, beliefs inform actions and those actions can have negative effects if they are not based on etymologically sound conclusions.

Secular Humanism:
Rather than only blogging about negative aspects of theism, I also want to write about the positive effects of my preferred alternative. While I’ve touched on utilitarianism and other tangential philosophies in previous posts, I want to call out here what fellow atheists can use as a framework for living a happy, fulfilled, moral, life without faith, prejudice, or intolerance. In my opinion, secular humanism is the most reasonable worldview that can be evaluated objectively both in regards to its core tenants and its actual outcomes when put into practice.

There may be other blog posts that don’t fit into one of those categories from time to time but that’s really where I want to focus the majority of my energy from now on. Is there anything I should add to the list? Let me know!

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